Shadowed Earth

SHADOWED EARTH is a father (Nick) and daughter (Jess) creative studio based in the fishing village of Newlyn in Cornwall. We work with local, sustainable and natural materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Ethical practices are at the heart of all that we do, which is why we are so careful with the materials and techniques we choose to use. The natural world is a huge influence of both our work and the way we choose to live our lives, and we are committed to being respectful to the land we exist on. For all pieces made of wood, only locally felled trees are used, meaning nothing living is taken from nature. The jewellery is made from recycled silver, gold and brass, to avoid both environmental and human exploitation – we believe that no luxury item should come at the expense of people or the planet. All pieces are inspired by the natural world around us, as living on the Cornish coast we are surrounded by an abundance of outdoor inspiration.

Small sycamore candle bowl

Meet the makers

Nick: wood

Nick Henshall is a wood turner whose craft has always led back to the wonders of wood in one form or another. Having built and repaired boats and then worked in a reclamation yard using reclaimed wood to make furniture, he developed a fond relationship with the material. After years of working with the versitile nature of wood, wood turning has become the focus of his creative energy, and he can often be found with a trail of woodchips in his wake. The pieces are made from locally felled wood, often from Newlyn itself, and trees are never cut down for the purpose of producing a piece. Nick makes bowls, candle holders, plant hangers, charcoal drawings and more, mainly from sycamore as this is plentiful in coastal areas like Cornwall. To finish the pieces, he rubs in a combination of beeswax and linseed oil which feeds the wood without the use of harsh chemicals. The hanging bowls are completed with natural hemp rope.

Medium blackened cherry pot

Every piece is completely unique, dependent on the shape and movement of the grain and round. Being well made, hand made and slowly made, each piece shows its own story of the creative process. Mass production will never show the work of the maker, which is why in handmade production every piece if a one off, with it’s own shadow of the tree it once came from. He believes that beautiful objects should also be functional, which is why the pieces you see here are a range of candle holders (intended for beeswax candles), plant holders and hangers, fruit bowls and keep-sake holders. They find their beauty through age and use and make the mundane task of housing objects into something more meaningful. To find out more about Nick’s bowls, click here.

Spalted sycamore bowl

Jess: jewellery

Jess Henshall is a jewellery maker, creative and student. She is currently studying creative writing at Falmouth University, whilst living in Newlyn, her lifelong home. Shadowed Earth jewellery is made using recycled sterling silver, recycled 18ct solid gold, and consciously sourced gemstones. All jewellery is made and designed by Jess in her tiny shed studio overlooking Newlyn harbour and the bay. Her pieces are designed to be worn everyday, and no two are the same, following the same principle as Nick that each piece should show the maker’s touch. Jess creates jewellery that is simple, elegant, made with quality and care, and comfortable to wear.

Organic oval earrings, made from recycled sterling silver

Throughout school and college, writing the focus of her creativity, but she has since felt a need for a more physical, hands-on craft, one that channels her creativity away from her mind and into the work in front of her. Making jewellery has proven to be an ideal medium, a process that involves delicacy and precision, but is highly rewarding at each stage, especially when seeing someone else wear one of her finished pieces.

To find out more about Jess’s jewellery, please click here.

Sterling silver, Australian opal studs

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you – you can either contact us via email ( or through Instagram. Jess manages all our online platforms, including our Instagram and emails.