Sterling silver, Australian opal studs


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Shadowed Earth jewellery is made using recycled sterling silver and consciously sourced Australian opals. All jewellery is made by Jess in her tiny shed studio, with quality tools and natural materials including beeswax for saw blades, and citric acid to clean and pickle the jewellery instead of harmful chemicals.

Ethics & sustainability

Each step of the process is carefully and consciously considered, making sure the practice of sourcing materials, making the pieces, and packaging is as ethical as possible. This includes:

Choosing bullion: when it comes to sterling silver, we decided to opt for recycled as this means no new materials are having to be extracted, avoiding both human and environmental exploitation. It is reusing what is already in circulation, and is from a trusted supplier to ensure the materials are 100% recycled. For gemstones, we source Australian opals from a trusted supplier.

Designing: for this step, Jess creates jewellery designs that use the offcuts from making rings and earrings, and so no metal is ever wasted. Each and every bit of scrap is incorporated back into the jewellery. For example, the offcuts from a single ring are melted down and turned into tiny silver balls for designs such as the silver dot ring.

Making: sustainable British beeswax is an easy substitute for saw blade wax, as well as a citric acid pickle bath for cleaning the jewellery after soldering instead of a harsh chemical one. Also investing in quality tools that will last a lifetime to reduce waste.

Packaging: our business cards, information cards, paper packaging and mail packaging are made from 100% recycled, recyclable or reusable materials.

Caring for your jewellery

Shadowed Earth jewellery is made for everyday wear, to be comfortable as well as to withstand daily living. Here are a few of tips for looking after your jewellery:

Silver tarnishes from oxidation, so store your jewellery in an airtight box when not wearing to prevent the air from oxidising the metal. Jewellery can also become tarnished from exposure to chemicals such as perfumes, skin creams, make-up, oils and other personal hygiene products. Gold will not tarnish, but may dull from any of the above. We recommend cleaning your jewellery with a gentle eco friendly soap, making sure to dry them well afterwards. Jewellery polishing cloths are fantastic for bringing silver and gold back to life with some shine and sparkle, and are easy to source.

Avoid keeping jewellery with gemstones in direct sunlight, as this will cause the colour of the stones to fade.

If you have any other questions about caring for your jewellery, please get in touch via our email, or through Instagram.