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Shadowed Earth wooden bowls and pots are made using local, naturally felled wood, often from less than a mile from our home studio. All wood pieces are made by Nick out the back of our house, with quality tools and natural materials including beeswax for waxing the bowls. His range of work includes candle holders, plant hangers, larger vessels and bowls.

a spalted sycamore bowl

Ethics & sustainability

Each step of the process is carefully thought out, making sure the practice of making the bowls is as ethical as possible. This includes:

Sourcing the wood: all wood comes from felled trees – Nick never cuts down any trees for his work, and also doesn’t buy blanks to turn, choosing instead to work with what is naturally around us. Each piece of wood is a reflection of the surrounding land, a memory of the tree it once was.

Processing the wood: once Nick has gathered the wood, he cuts them into rounds, ready to be transformed from a lump of tree (a very beautiful lump of tree) into a functional but almost sculptural piece.

Making: Nick turns the wood on his old lathe, before hand carving marks into the piece and burning with a high pressure propane torch to blacken the surface. Often, he will blacken only a part of the bowl to create a two-toned effect, a contrast of light and dark, showcasing the existing grain of the wood in two different ways. Ash is a beautiful wood for this stage, as the grain carries the burn, creating the look of flames travelling up the piece.

Finishing: Once the bowl has been sanded, a mix of linseed oil and sustainable British beeswax is rubbed into the wood, feeding and polishing the finished object. Plant hangers are finished with natural hemp rope.

Packaging: our business cards, information cards, paper packaging and mail packaging are made from 100% recycled materials.

plant bowl

Caring for your bowl

Nick’s work is made for housing everyday objects, from plants to fruit, jewellery to keys. They are designed to be used in the home as part of daily life, and benefit from age and use. Here are a few of tips for looking after your bowl:

Bowls and larger vessels: please do not put any liquid in the bowls, as the wood will rot and ruin the piece. They can be used as vases to hold dried seed heads etc, but we strongly advice against putting any liquid in the bowls, in order to maintain the quality of the piece.

Plant hangers: these look lovely hung up with a trailing plant such as ivy or spider plants. To use with a plant, please line the hanger with a plastic bag (or environmentally alternative) to avoid any liquid from rotting the wood.

Candle holders: these are designed to be used with pure beeswax candles, which can be purchased in homeware shops or online.

stack of bowls

Pieces for sale:

Please check back here to see what is currently for sale. Alternatively, we post our most recent work on our Instagram, so feel free to get in touch if there are any pieces you are interested in.


How do I buy a piece of your work?

  • We do not currently have an online shop, but are happy to take orders through our email or Instagram.
  • Some pieces are also available to buy through Wild West Works in St Just, Cornwall

How much does shipping cost?

  • 1st class delivery is free to mainland UK

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